About Educational Marketer

Educational Marketer has been the pre-eminent source of business news and analysis for educational publishing and marketing for over 40 years, delivering alerts to upcoming adoptions, mergers and acquisitions intelligence, and tested success strategies for PreK-12 and college markets.

Our seasoned editorial team uses exclusive rankings of PreK-12, college and supplemental publishers by revenue and market share to benchmark publisher operations and help you evaluate and contrast them against each other. With an emphasis on delivering Simba’s unique brand of metrics, analysis and short- and long-term perspective on events shaping the instructional materials industry, Educational Marketer stands apart from other publications targeted to the educational publishing community.

Our editorial mission is to thoroughly brief readers on the changes in demographics, enrollment and funding and how they will affect sales of textbooks and technology products to schools and colleges. Subscribers to Educational Marketer gain access to backstage looks at industry leaders and smaller publishers, insights into what's behind the latest textbook and software publisher alliances, and informed perspectives on strategies for non-adoption states.

Educational Marketer is relied upon by top executives and decision makers at all of the leading companies involved in the business of educational publishing. These executives include players such as electronic media and textbook publishers, book manufacturers, and investment analysts worldwide. It is the only publication that concentrates on the unique interests and needs of the companies involved in education publishing.

Educational Marketer is published continuously online and 24 times per year (biweekly) it is issued digitally as a PDF for download.

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