News Briefs, August 3, 2018

August 3, 2018 | Volume 49, Number 16

Ponddy Education (San Jose, CA) in July was granted approval by The College Board (New York) to provide online Advanced Placement courses. Ponddy offers its online Chinese Language and Culture Course for AP, a full-year program that covers the equivalent of a second-year (and/or fourth-semester) college Chinese course and uses smart textbooks powered by artificial intelligence. The company in March raised a $6 million Series A investment led by Chenco Holding Company with contributors Osnaburge Ventures and MIC Ponddy AR Fund.

Google (Mountain View, CA) said in July, it is looking for institutions that use its G Suite for education to be beta testers of its Course Kit, a free toolkit that uses Google Docs and Google Drive to create and collect assignments, give feedback to students and share course materials within any existing learning management system that supports the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability standard.

Digital learning solutions provider Realizeit (Palatine, IL) in July released the 3.3 version of its personalized learning and analytics platform. New features include: a new dashboard, updated curriculum design interface and curriculum templates to enhance authoring capabilities for course development, LTI extensions to improve connections to learning management systems, just-in-time support resources, and additional efficiency and flexibility.

Cambridge University Press (England) in July said it was launching digital access on Cambridge Core to its top textbooks for higher education institutions. The initial release includes more than 300 titles across 20 subjects. More titles will become available throughout the year. Cambridge Core Textbooks will be available on an unlimited concurrent user basis. Titles are available on a flexible annual lease structure offering institutions the option to provide access on a title-by-title basis instead of being obligated to purchase a larger collection. Among the titles are: A History of East Asia, Jet propulsion, European Union Law,  Cognitive Science, English Literature in Context, and Global Turning Points.

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