Partnerships & Acquisitions, June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020 | Volume 51, Number 13

The nonprofit Open Up Resources (Menlo Park, CA), which focuses on K-12 English language arts and math, in June partnered with onebillion, a London-based nonprofit software developer, to bring onebillion’s software onecourse to PreK-2 children in the U.S. via the onetab device. The partnership grants Open Up Resources exclusive rights to sales and distribution in the U.S. Open Up Resources sees the onetab program as a fitting solution for school systems planning more distance-learning options in the upcoming year because of COVID-19. Onecourse is an adaptive literacy and numeracy course. Open Up Resources will distribute the International English version. onetab devices are now available for purchase to schools and districts. Pricing includes the device, protective bumper, carrying case, charger, and software. 

Science Interactive Group (Englewood, CO) in June partnered with BioDigital (New York) to provide students and educators with more flexibility in distance learning. SIG will embed the BioDigital Human Platform into its lab experiments, allowing online lab science students the option to perform virtual dissections that are supported by custom curriculum. In higher education, SIG oversees two providers of online lab science experiments and curricula,--Hands-On Labs and eScience Labs, replicating a tactile lab experience for distance learners. BioDigital provides a 3D human visualization platform, which features more than 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures. 

Open education resource provider Lumen Learning (Portland, OR) in June acquired the intellectual property and higher education assets of Faculty Guild, a coaching service created in 2017. Lumen will incorporate technology and other elements from Faculty Guild into Lumen circles, a new professional development platform for postsecondary faculty. Lumen Circles combines a virtual platform and a facilitated, peer-based fellowship program for faculty. Colleges pay $750 for each faculty member that participates, and $50 a year for the sustaining service. The service also can be purchased as a bundle with a textbook adoption from Lumen Learning. Lumen’s OER texts cost about $25 per student, but Lumen is charging $33 per student if the professor also wants to participate in Circles. Faculty Guild founder and edtech entrepreneur David Yaskin plans to introduce the professional development platform he created into other vertical markets outside higher education. His next venture Coach Happy will take the platform and coaching service into the K12 and corporate education markets. 

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